jueves, 28 de junio de 2012

The look

It is the invisible
Dark matter we are not made of
That I am afraid of.
Most of the universe consist of this.

I put a single normal ice cube
In my drink.
It weighs one hundred million tons.
It is a sample form the densest star.

I read my way across
The awe I wrote
That you are reading now.
I can’t believe that you are there

Except you are. I wonder what
Cosmologists don’t know
That could be everything
There is.

The someone looking at the page
Could be the everything there is,
Material that shines,
Or shined.

Dark matter is another
Matter. Cosmologists don’t know.
The physicists do not.
The stars are not.

Another thing beside
The row of things is
Standing there. It is invisible,
And reads without a sound.

It doesn’t matter
That it doesn’t really.
I need to take its hand
To cross the street.

Frederick Seidel 


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