viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

When do you get to that point where enough is enough?

"-When two people really love each other but they can't get it together, when do you get to that point where enough is enough?.
- That... oh, well, that's... you know? um, you know it's over when... Ok, I have, like, these psychosomatic insomniatic manifestations of... Well, here's the thing about me. I'm a product of my emotions, not a product of my environment, like him, which he is, exactly, just that environmental... I, I need sunshine to grow. That's who I am. And with the projection of... I have goals.
-That's your answer?
- Yeah
- That's not right. I mean, there's a right answer here, but that's not it. Look, in my business you're surrounded by loneliness and finality. I don't care what your take is on an afterlife, when people die, it's scary, and they go alone. Now, the people that I send off, that have experienced love... they're a little less scared. They're still scared, but there's a calmness to 'em. I think that comes from the knowledge that somebody somewhere loved 'em, and cared for 'em and will miss 'em. Now, I see that from time to time and I am awed by it. I don't think I´d be telling you this if it wasn't for frank.  Anyway, it's a loaded question. Look, when two people love each other, totally, truthfully, all the way love each other, the answer to that question is simple, especially in your case: when do you get to that point where enough is enough?. Never, never"
The mexican

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