sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

Oil paintings with optical illusions

"Ukrainian artist Oleg writes Shuplyak oil paintings with optical illusions. Oleg Shuplyak 44 years and he is an architect by training. But he devoted his life to not designing buildings and structures, painting and teaching. He worked as a teacher of drawing in his native village, now teaches drawing and painting at a children’s art school in a small Ukrainian town Berezhany. A parallel Shuplyak is a member of Artists Union of Ukraine, works in the genres of associative symbolism, surrealism and abstract art, and participates in group and solo exhibitions suits in Ukraine and Europe.
His paintings – it’s artistic optical illusions, which is found when considering the implication: a figure of reading Girl hides head of Salvador Dali, for autumn leaves – a bird, and for bathing naked couple – the silhouette of Freud."

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