lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

The sunset limited

"The sun don't shine up the same dog's ass ever day.
Belief ain't like unbelief. If you a believer then you got to come finally to the well of belief itself and then you don't have to look no further. There ain't no further. But the unbeliever has got a problem. He has set out to unravel the world, but everthing he can point to that ain't true leaves two new things layin there.
I think for the most part people are good to start with. I think evil is somethin you bring on your own self. Mostly from wantin what you ain't supposed to have.
Even God gives up at some point. There's no ministry in hell.
Everything you do closes a door somewhere ahead of you.
I want the dead to be dead. Forever. And I want to be one of them. Except that of course you can't be one of them. You can't be one of the dead because what has no existence can have no community. No community. My heart warms just thinking about it. Silence. Blackness. Aloneness. Peace. And all of it only a heartbeat away.
If people saw the world for what it truly is. Saw their lives for what they truly are. Without dreams or illusions. I don't believe they could offer the first reason why they should not elect to die as soon as possible.

Cormac McCarthy, The sunset limited

"-What  is it that you beleive in?
-I beleive in the Sunset Limited."

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