sábado, 8 de enero de 2011

Love Someone

Now the changing times of the 21th century
means nothing to me cause I would rather be
at the beginning of time
earth would be mine livin in luxury-hee
discovering a world out there
believing in the sun, earth, water and air
take me there
so I can see the world bloom
standing on a sea cliff howling at the moon
creating a world for the open minded
a unique perception a true decided
I know we can find it
its a matter of where and when we collectively decided

the world is not a vicious place
its just the way we've been raised
discovering time and space
I know we that could make a change
rearrange the way that we appreciate the world today

its possible to love someone
and not treat them in the way that you want
its possible to see your eyes
be the devil in disguise
with another front-end

its possible to change this world
revolutionize the boys and girls
its possible to educate the next generation
ever rule the world someday

someday somedayiiiiee someday dayyyyiiiiyeeeaaoo

now as I start to put my mind into words
I stall I fall im losing it all
my inhibition the thought of wasting away
the fact that the music's at a place not far away yet i stray
stick to my world
in love with my life my beliefs and my girl
but is it luck that our love is crazy
place the human race to get me wrong i still think we could change

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